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We’re on a mission to create the most innovative tools for the most innovative scientists.

The Labbot Vision

Scientists Will Save the World

The Labbot Mission

Give Scientists the Tools they Need to Save the World

Our Users are our Heroes

The reason we get up in the morning are these people. They inspire and challenge us with their dedication to understand and improve our world.
Alexander K. Buell
Alex is one of the leading scientists in the LLPS field. He leads the Protein Biophysics group at the Technical University of Denmark.
Cedric Dicko
Cedric is a great scientists and a great instrument inventor. Cedric and his team really challenges the instrument and us – just how we like it.
Sara Snogerup Linse
Sara is a rockstar in the protein aggregation field. She holds the record for most Labbots in a lab, with her five instruments operating.
Marité Cardenas Gomez
"Labbot stands as a unique equipment that can facilitate the research in our new lab."
Felix Runge
“Love the simplicity of the service and the prompt customer support.”

Our story

It all started about 15 years ago ...

... I was a fresh Ph.D. student in Biochemistry, yearning to plunge into science. The goal of the project I was assigned was to understand what made a specific virus protein so important for the virus to spread.
A montage of old photos displaying Labbot's history.
Meet the Labbot Team

Small – but passionate

We're a diverse team of four, with one thing in common: we think we are in the best place possible to help our world become a better place.
A portrait of Labbot's Ebba Holm.

Ebba Holm

Degree Project
Ebba is responsible for the user testing of the next generation of Labbot software.
A portrait of Labbot's Mattias Törnquist.

Mattias Törnquist

Senior Application Specialist
Mattias is in charge of making sure that you can get the best science out of Labbot.
A portrait of Labbot's Maximilian Leiding.

Maximilian Leiding

It is Maximilian’s job to get the word out about Labbot.
A portrait of Labbot's CEO, Thom Leiding.

Thom Leiding

CEO & Inventor
Founder, inventor and CEO.