Automate & Combine Proven Biophysical Techniques in a New Way

Take your sample to a series of well-defined states. Gather real-time data from four modes of measurement simultaneously. Get the insights you need about your protein's behaviour.

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From 49 000 €
Another image showing the Labbot instrument
  • Operator Independence: Different operators, same result.
  • Minimal running costs: Labbot uses no proprietary consumables.
  • Tiny footprint: Not bigger than a shoe box

BECAUSE You HAve come too far to waste your time on repetitive lab work

Preparing multiple samples by hand and measuring them manually is grueling, hard work. As experimental design grows more complex, and the demands on high precision increase, this becomes ever more time consuming and every accident or disruption could set you back hours.
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Never lose another crucial data point

When measuring manually, it can be a real struggle to hit the most important points in your time- or concentration span. Can you really afford to keep letting critical details slip through your fingers?

Escape the frustrations of hand pipetting

Have you ever come to the end of a complex pipetting series, just to realize that something went wrong along the way? Is the only answer really to start over, over and over again?

Reclaim your precious lab space

Typical lab instruments can be cyclopean beasts, forcing you to dedicate a lot of laboratory space to just a single function. Are you going to let this invasion continue?

How does it work?

Your Labbot Experiment in Three Steps

Design and prepare your experiment. Let Labbot run it. Analyze the data. Repeat. It is as easy as that.


Design your experiment using the Labbot control software, prepare your starting sample in a standard cuvette and load your titrant into the pump.


Now all you have to do is to press ‘Go’ and Labbot will execute your instructions, collecting and storing data along the way.


With your experiment completed the data can be loaded into the Viewer software, which gives you a lot of powerful options to visualize and analyze your data.


Proven Techniques – Reinvented & Automated

The measurement methods you trust. The sample control you need. Combined to answer the most challenging questions about your protein’s behavior.

An illustration of a standard optical cuvette, the sample format of Labbot.
Sample Format

Standard Optical Cuvette



Detectoion range: 290-840 nm

With a wide selection of excitation light filters, Labbot can cover the entire UV-vis range, providing full flexibility in your choice of chromophores.



Range: 225-770 nm

Measure concentrations with high accuracy, characterize nanoparticles, or follow shifts in the absorbance spectrum as you modify your sample.


Light Scattering

Red laser at 90°

Follow aggregation, phase transitions, and formation or dissolution of particles.  As new species or aggregates form, you can monitor the process in real-time.



Real-time feedback


Connect an external pH or conductivity meter to monitor your sample's state in real-time, and provide smart feedback during your titration.

Sample Control

Automatic Titrations

20 nl Resolution

With the automated precision pump, you can titrate in ligands, salts, acid or base, or whatever solvent your experiment require.

Sample Control

Temperature Control

6-85 °C range

Keep the temperature steady or perform a well-defined temperature titration with high-precision temperature control.

Sample Control


adjustable speed

Magnetic stirrer with adjustable speed to accelerate temperature equilibration and to ensure rapid mixing during titrations.

Let Us explore How Labbot can help your lab Accelerate

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Sample format
Standard optical cuvette
Base 12.5x12.5 mm. Z-height 8 mm
Minimum volume
50-900 µl, depending on experiment
Maximum volume
3000 µl
Automatic titration
Minimum injection: 20 nl
Capacity: 100 µl
Temperature control
0.5 °C precision, 6-85 °C range
Integrated mixing
Magnetic stir bar with adjustable speed
UV-Vis absorbance
225-770 nm, 0.5 nm optical resolution. Linear range: 0.01–1.5 AU
Fluorescence spectroscopy
290-840 nm, 11 nm optical resolution. Up to 10 different excitation filters.
Static light scattering
Red laser recorded at 90°
pH- or conductivity meter
Integrate external meter with instrument software. Real-time feedback.
Depth: 31 cm
Width: 21 cm
Height: 11 cm (23 cm with pump holder)
An image showing the blueprint and measurements of Labbot.
A photo of Sara Snogerup Linse, a prominent user of Labbot.

“One of the best features is that we can track the reaction with multiple read­outs from the same sample. It really gives a few extra layers of insights.”

Sara Snogerup Linse
Lund University
A photo of scientist Alexander K. Buell, who is part of the Labbot Research team.

“Labbot was the first instrument I bought when I started my lab. When starting up it’s an obvious choice. You buy one thing and get a lot of things, while saving a lot of space and a lot of money.”

Alexander K. Buell

Technical University of Denmark

A photo of Prof. Marité Cárdenas Gómez, user of Labbot.

“Labbot stands as a uniques equipment that can facilitate the research in our new lab.”

Marité Cárdenas Gómez

Basque Center for Biophysics


Simple and transparent pricing, including two years free from running costs. Starting at 49 000 €.

Operator indepence

The results are reliable, accurate, and repeatable, with no variation between individual operators. Little training needed to get started.

Minimal running costs

Labbot uses no proprietary consumables. Run as many experiments as you want without worrying about access to materials.

Tiny footprint

Four modes of measurement and complete sample control packed into an instrument the size of a shoe box.


49 000 €

Your digital lab assistent
Your protein exploration companion.
What is included:
Labbot instrument
Labbot community
Labbot software
1 annual service
3 filters of choice
2 years warranty
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