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One Instrument to Continuously Track Phase Separation and Aggregation

One Instrument to

Continuously Track Phase

Separation and Aggregation

Get to know

your protein

Pioneers of the field are using Labbot to monitor every step of phase separation; monomers, oligomers, droplets and fibrils. Giving them more control and more data.

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An image showing the Labbot instrument
Another image showing the Labbot instrument
Meet Labbot

Your Protein Exploration Co-Pilot

Labbot combines advanced sample control with four different measurement modes to help you get closer to your sample.

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Designed to meet the needs of researchers in academia.

Leading Scientists & Labs are Using Labbot


What can You Investigate with Labbot?

The list of featured applications is long and ever growing. Here are some of the most used ones.

Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation

Take full control of your condensates. Labbot can help you fine-tune solution conditions and map out phase behavior in unrivaled detail, giving you a better understanding of how droplets come and go.


Protein Interactions

Take classical methods to new heights with automated measurements. Detect ligand binding or oligomerization with FRET or by tracking changes in intrinsic fluorescence.


Amyloid Aggregation

Maximize the information obtained from each sample and untangle the complexities of fibril growth. By combining full spectrum readouts with light scattering and exercising complete control over sample conditions, you can easily set up your next amyloid experiment.


Thermal Stability

Follow protein unfolding with intrinsic fluorescence or external probes while Labbot scans temperature across your defined range. Easily track any resulting aggregation with static light scattering for a full thermal profile of your protein.


Metal Ion Binding

Labbot's automated titration provides detailed binding curves for a deeper understanding of protein-metal ion interactions. You can obtain your measurement output via absorbance or fluorescence spectroscopy, depending on your assay's needs.


pH Stability

Labbot collects real-time data from an attached pH meter for highly detailed pH titrations, including measuring the isoelectric point of a protein, mapping pH-dependent phase behaviors, or monitoring other pH-affected processes.

And some Benefits

Operator Independent

The results are reliable, accurate, and repeatable, with no variation between individual operators. Little training needed to get started.

Reclaim Your Time

While Labbot is busy executing your instructions you could already be thinking about your next experiment.

Minimal Running Costs

Labbot uses no proprietary consumables. Run as many experiments as you want without worrying about access to materials.

You’re in Control

Labbot saves raw data in an accessible state, so you can get the full picture of your experiment no matter what analysis you undertake.

An illustration of the scientist Cedrick Dicko and his Labbot.

Let Us Explore How Labbot can Help Your Lab Accelerate

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