Sara Snogerup Linse

Lund University
Biochemistry & Structural Biology

Sara is a hands-on scientist with an appetite for addressing challenging problems through the combination of experiment and theory.

Her fields of interest range from protein interaction with ligands, other proteins, and nanoparticles. Amyloid formation, mechanism, and equilibrium and the role of chaperones.

Always determined to have the right tool for the next experiment, Sara was an early adopter of Labbot and currently has five of them running in her lab.

Favourite Applications


Protein Interactions

Take classical methods to new heights with automated measurements. Detect ligand binding or oligomerization with FRET or by tracking changes in intrinsic fluorescence.


Amyloid Aggregation

Maximize the information obtained from each sample and untangle the complexities of fibril growth. By combining full spectrum readouts with light scattering and exercising complete control over sample conditions, you can easily set up your next amyloid experiment.

Why Did You Invest in a Labbot?

I realised that we would be able to improve the description of many of the phenomena that we study through simultaneous measurements.

The high reproducibility and the ability to make very small injections that comes with the automation was also a great advantage.

The Best Thing with Using Labbot?

The spectral resolution is impressive and we can get really accurate measurements of optical phenomena in molecular systems.