Assoc. Prof.

Cedric Dicko

Lund University
Pured & Applied Biochemistry

Cedric is interested in the self-organization of biological systems, particularly in silks. His group uses advanced biospectroscopy techniques to study silk fiber formation and understand how molecular interactions shape the material's final properties.

Their work with silks and other fibrous materials has led them to develop new methods for analyzing hierarchically organized systems, including spectroscopy and scattering, to interpret molecular events and understand the mechanical performance of biopolymers and natural composites.

Favourite Applications


Protein Interactions

Take classical methods to new heights with automated measurements. Detect ligand binding or oligomerization with FRET or by tracking changes in intrinsic fluorescence.

Why Did You Invest in a Labbot?

I decided to invest in a Labbot to make multimodal measurements more easily and efficiently. Our research involves complex problems that require various approaches, and Labbot allows us to take measurements from multiple viewpoints.

Many of the systems we work with are history-dependent. Therefore, it is crucial that we follow a sample over time for quality control and to better understand the mechanisms involved.

The Best Thing with Using Labbot?

Labbot is a life science research tool that simplifies the design and execution of experiments. Its user-friendly interface allows anyone in the lab to operate it.

The biggest advantage of using the Labbot is its ability to provide a large amount of data and complementary information from a single experiment, saving both time and resources.

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