Our Experience at the FASEB Protein Aggregation Conference 2023

Join us as we recount our enriching experience at the 2023 FASEB Protein Aggregation Conference, where we dove into the study of liquid-liquid phase separation, connected with brilliant minds, and saw our Labbot make waves in the research community.

Published on
March 8, 2023
An abstract visualisation of the inner filter effect.
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The Perfect Meeting Point

We first caught wind of the 2023 FASEB Protein Aggregation Conference and immediately sensed it was an opportunity not to be missed. The conference, organized in Europe and inviting an international community of researchers, seemed like the perfect event for us. The blend of familiar and fresh topics in the realm of biophysics offered rich ground for learning and interaction. Becoming the platinum sponsor of the event made perfect sense for us.

Group photo of FASEB Protein Aggregation Conference 2023: Exploring Rugged Landscapes

Picturesque Venue and Local Experiences

The conference was held in the quaint town of Malahide, located just north of Dublin. Our venue was a beautiful beachside hotel offering a relaxing view of the ever-changing tide in the Malahide estuary. Even though the conference was a busy affair, we managed to carve out some time to explore the town and sample the local Guinness.

The Grand Hotel in Malahide, just north of Dublin.

A Focus on Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation (LLPS)

In the past year, we've become intrigued by the liquid-liquid phase separation (LLPS) phenomenon and the role that Labbot could potentially play in investigating it. During the conference, it felt like everything clicked into place. Several presentations highlighted the strong connection between protein aggregation and phase separation. The growing interest in this topic within the amyloid community has led to a surge in biophysical research aimed at understanding the principles underlying LLPS.

Prof. Alexander K. Buell showcases his research on LLPS with the help of Labbot.

Building Relationships: The Cornerstone of Any Conference

Among the many features of a conference, we believe that the opportunity to connect with people is by far the most rewarding. We had the chance to reconnect with old friends and recent customers. We also forged several new connections that we look forward to nurturing in the future.

We had the opportunity to meet a lot of bright minds by our booth.

The "Win a Labbot" Competition: A Resounding Success

Our “Win a Labbot” competition was another highlight of the conference. Participants were invited to submit mini-research proposals that envisaged the use of a Labbot. The turnout was fantastic, and the competition sparked many conversations. The number and quality of proposals humbled us. Our scientific jury (consisting of Sara, Vito, and Alex) had the tough task of picking just one winner, but eventually, the prize of a free Labbot was awarded to Professor Danny Hatters from Melbourne University.

The first of its kind? Attendees had the chance to win a Labbot for free.

Repurposing Older Instruments

The compelling proposals we received during the conference spurred us to act on an idea we had been contemplating for some time: refurbishing and repurposing our older yet fully functional instruments. Recognising the funding challenges some labs face, we're committed to finding new homes for these instruments where they can continue contributing to scientific progress. Our first refurbished Probe Drum has found its home at the Max Planck Laboratory for Structural Biology, Chemistry, and Molecular Biophysics of Rosario (MPLbioR) in Argentina.

Our CEO together with the lab group from Rosario that won a refurbished Probe Drum.
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